07 April 2005

The Space Is Launched. Welcome!

Welcome all you fine people to my NEW blog! This is set to be beutiful!

Emergency exit is on the top right of the screen (a little door with a cross in it)!

Todays events:
  • Poulton door/board incident in Tech Block.
  • 40 page Maths coursework in (yes actually 40 pages!!!).
  • Chased Chris R around the hall while weilding a sworn off shotgun (well not really a sworn off, or a shotgun but it sounds good).
  • Odd play on Nazis and Hitler called "Fear and Misery in the Third Reich" it certainly put a new meaning to misery (and boredom). I never though i'd see the day when people in Nazi uniforms paraded around the hall.

Well life is odd...


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