06 December 2006

RIP James Kim

Well I've stopped posting regularly because of other stuff, mainly Geography c/w, but I felt that I had to post today. James Kim, one of the presenters on a podcast which I listen to was found dead today.

He was travelling with his family by car and they got stuck because of snow, and he went in search of help, but never found it. So unlucky, his family were found by the car a day or two after he left. That's life I guess...

06 November 2006

The Wonders Of Ofsted.

Ofsted inspections are wonderful things. Inspectors come to see a school, and the school does its best to impress the inspectors - so in effect they don't see the 'normal' running of a school. So my conclusion? Scrap Ofsted and spend the money on some Macs. There, problem solved.

Chemistry was doing a titration experiment (again). Any hope that an inspector would walk in, see Pearson teaching and sack her on the spot? We weren't that lucky. (Only joking, by the way! Pearson isn't actually that bad.) Maths was in the computer room, although we only seemed to be in there as an alternative to checking answers in the back of the book. Physics was also in the computer room. Scion Image is actually half decent, I take some of what I said earlier back. We did some image manipulation, aka. removing noise from images and making certain shapes show up, definitely not cutting someone's head and putting it on say, I dunno, a yak.

Lunch was strange. I probably shouldn't say much about it, but it involved a certain French teacher 'sleeping' on the stage while pictures were being taken. It was all strictly legal I must add. Geo on a Monday last thing is a joke. The class just run wild. That's the truth plain and simple. Still, we did get some work done. 'Some' being the key word...

05 November 2006

Wooo!!! Bonfire Night!

I really should start posting regularly, but same excuses as usual: too much homework/other stuff. Anyway tonight was Bonfire Night, so naturally we didn't have a bonfire, but we did have some fireworks. Not that I was paying much attention, I was too busy fiddling with my camera. I got a couple of nice pictures, I'll post them up here once I have had a proper look at them. Here's one to get started.

Oh yeah, and Planet Earth is back on. That show is just completely stunning. I have to get the DVD once it comes out. I have to...

01 November 2006

GCSE Certificate Evening.

Ok, so it wasn't nearly as bad/boring as I had feared. First up was Imdad playing the piano and then Newman making a welcome speech. I think he needs more practice, that's all that I'm saying. Then we got our certificates, handed out by none other than Mr Sparrow. A bit later he gave a speech, which I personally found really hard to understand as he kept pausing mid sentence and jumping onto another topic. He also kept praising music students. Oh well, it only happens once, but then Harpal did a couple of drum pieces. Wow. That's all I can say...

30 October 2006

An Odd Geography Lesson.

Chemistry was poor. We had another test, and although it was ok, Pearson only gave us twenty minutes to complete it, so I don't think anyone had enough time to finish it and check their answers. Later on there was Physics, which I actually like. No seriously, it isn't half as bad as people make it out to be. It's actually quite funny. Every lesson Greenwood walks in and out for the first twenty minutes and today he spent about the minutes convincing us he wasn't handing out a test. Oh, and we played with a dead man's bones. A normal Physics lesson then...

Geo though was another thing. I think saying it was 'chaos' is not even touching upon what was going on. We didn't seem to do anything except laugh, much to Service's annoyance. Oh, and for some reason I was blamed for global warming? Just for the record I don't leave lights on when I do to school, and I don't have a draught excluder in my room. WTF? Who has? Well anyway, we aren't gonna get 'A's if we have more lessons like today's...

23 October 2006

Five Years Young.

So the iPod's five years old today! Woooooooo!!! Hey, even I have leart to love the iPod. It might have taken my five years to get one, and anyway I probably wouldn't have one now if there wasn't that super duper massive rebate when you buy a new Mac deal. I wonder if it will still be around in another five years. Who knows...

18 October 2006

Yr 7 Dance Day.

It was pretty chaotic to try and get everything set up before Yr 7 started 'dancing'. Then once everything was sort of in place it was off to Geography, about half an hour late. Never mind though, my group still has to present - though I didn't (citing stress, obviously...). At the end though, Service stated that she would be 'dancing' later on in the day. YouTube was suddenly mentioned, which got her quite worried! Well I think saying that the video of her dancing would be on the net by half nine was slightly worrying.

Later on I did some filming then there was break for lunch, where we managed to rip the CD they were using on their laptop without them noticing. I guess it did help that they were eating in thee canteen at the time, but still. Oh yeah, and we tried filming from the trolley, ie. sawood pulling it with me on it with a camera. The results were awesome. Shame we can't really do it in say House Music. Anyway I better upload that video to YouTube...