13 October 2006

OMG! I Made The Team!

Physics is actually pretty damn good, and mostly because Greenwood can be really funny. For instance Ken was trying his best to kill a 'fruit fly' then somehow we got onto the 'killer flies' which were hanging from the ceiling. Maths was ok, I guess. I managed to prove that the textbook was wrong, although originally Griffths didn't believe me. I rock at Maths (um, yeah...). Geography was doing more work on dams. Damn.

Then something amazing happened. I had to go to the Tech Block to find out if I had gotten into the team for the Engineering Scheme. I knew I hadn't, as my interview was a disaster. But amazingly I had. Wow. Then I had to rush down to KFC with Alan. We had decided earlier to go, but then I didn't expect to get on the team, so most of the people that were going to go with us had already buggered off.

Then there was Chem. I got full marks in the h/w! I was actually pretty lucky. I had done a rubbish one side piece, but them heard that Ambe had done three sides!!! So I 'beefed' mine up a bit and added more 'A Level' stuff. Luckily the stuff I added was what he wanted, so sweet. I didn't completely waste my time. Oh yeah, Apple had dropped a nice red iPod Nano, all to do with saving the planet from AIDs. Although this is a really worthwhile cause (and I obviously want one...) they only donate $10 out of $199. So, the planet isn't exactly saved just yet...


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