18 September 2006

The Wonders Of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Assembly was half decent today, not because Mr Ham admitted that all he ever does is walk around the corridors, but because of his 'Science College' presentation. Admittedly it crashed, and we had to watch the same photo slideshow twice, but still. It is Mr Ham.

Chemistry was finishing the last lesson's experiment, ie. weighing the crystals and Pearson thought we had done quite well getting something like 80% of what were were meant to get. Right. Maths was doing some crazy factorising rubbish. In Physics Greenwood kept randomly walking out of the room mid sentence which was rather disturbing. Finally in Geography we hardly did any work, much to Service's annoyance. Oh yeah, and Mrs Gray was impressed I still had my library card and how new it looked (ie. I haven't used it in five years!)...


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