12 September 2006

It's Showtime!

Ok. As it was pointed out to me yesterday there is an amazing, super duper, totally exciting Apple event today. I didn't mention it after last time. No iPhone, no new iPods, no new MacBook (I've given up waiting, it should arrive end of this week/start of next). Well ok, it is a bit better than last time. The major new stuff is a seriously revamped iPod Shuffle (wow, I actually want one) and a new aluminum iPod Nano (I want one). I can't believe that made the Nano thinner! Any thinner and you will be able to actually fold it in half!

The Shuffle looks amazing, so small and it lasts for 12 hours! No seriously it is freakin' tiny!

I'm a bit annoyed with the new Nano. My £18 Nano is coming shortly and it's already out of date. Oh yeah, and you can now buy movies from the iTunes (Music) Store. Shame it isn't availible in the Uk (yet - at least).

Oh yeah, today's house assembly was a joke. Birke wasn't even there. Maths was ok, and Griffths showed us a 'cool' way of solving sequence problems. Why weren't we told this earlier??? Then four hours of nothing. Really. This I thought would be good, but no. There is nothing to do really. The sixth form centre is so poor. Chemistry was 'scary' again. We were told that we had to be able to do some complicated formula number thing by next week. Oh...


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