01 September 2006

The Bustard Inn.

Ok. So a bit has happened in the past few days. Well I had a birthday. I thought I'd make a list of what I got:
  • Cycle lamps
  • Money
That isn't it, but technically that is what I got. What's coming is a MacBook. Should arrive in a week or two. Then knowing my luck it'll get updated.

Oh yeah, I also went to Stonehenge. We left pretty late, so decided to get some lunch beforehand. It was suggested to me to use my laptop with Autoroute and the GPS thing to find somewhere to eat. Well that failed. Nothing nearby for miles. So we just decided to go down some random roads hoping to find somewhere. Lo and behold, we did, right at the end of the road next to a firing range. The Bustard Inn. What a name, I had to double take when I saw the name, but it's apparently a type of bird, whatever.

I was pleasantly surprised, for something in the middle of nowhere the food was no half decent. On the way out the landlord informed me that it was 'The Smallest Hamlet in England to Have a Pub'. Wow. What an accolade. Anyway after the honour of visiting 'The Smallest Hamlet in England to Have a Pub' we went back to Stonehenge.

I have to admit it's looking good for 5,000 years old. Still I'd prefer if the builders had actually finished it. Boom boom!!! Ok. That was terrible. It was pretty good for a couple of stones, the audio tour wasn't bad either. Well that was until I seemed to have skipped a bit and the person started rambling on about the 'Blue Stones'. I can't see any blue stones! I took quite a few pictures, in the vain hope I might get something decent to use as a wallpaper for the MacBook. I think this is the best one:

So that was it, I foolishly suggested that we went back via Thurrock, so I could go to Borders to get a Mac for complete idiots type book, but this was a mistake. It took five hours to get home, while only two to get there. Still at least I got to read it, and finish it before I got home...


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