05 August 2006

Eleanor Rigby.

Woooooooooo!!! They read out my email on Buzz Out Loud again! It also seems like they agree with what I put, which if you cared was about an 'iPod monopoly' and inevitable the EU. Well I'm chuffed (again).

Another stint in the charity shop as well. I elected myself to be on the till by saying "I don't mind what I do." It's getting much better know, I actually seem to remember which buttons to punch. It also seems like my 'glue fix' with the till worked. Well it was attached today, and well, I had made a bit of a mess of it, with glue like everywhere.

I decided to 'splash out' on a CD for myself. Well I was torn between a 'The Cardigans' album and a 'The Beetles' one. I chose the latter, mainly because of 'Eleanor Rigby' which is a really strange song. I also got the whole 'Little Britain' first series for £2. Sweet. In the words of Tom Baker, I must go now...


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