31 July 2006

Networking News.

I thought of having a new feature called 'Networking News'. Where here it is. In today's 'Networking News' a new wireless network popped up, someone in range of my bed (I was on my laptop on it at the time) has a BT router. Unfortunately they have enabled wireless security, so I can't use it when my router occasionally decides to go on holiday. Tune in for more news tomorrow.

Well that was fun. I didn't do that much today. I did manage to 'fix' my old cycle computer, and then attach it my brothers new bike, then it died. It seems to sometimes record the speed, then it will just die. Another interesting piece of information is that my Creative Zen Last.fm group has finally reached one hundred, yes 1-0-0, members. Shame then, I'm considering getting an iPod or the Microsoft Zune...


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