15 July 2006

Would You Like A Bag With That?

Well after I posted yesterday Last.fm was back up, after they had shut the site down for the day. Wow. They have been busy. It looks pretty cool now, with album art along with your charts and the whole site looks really cool and is much better. Well that's the good stuff. Now for the bad. It takes forever to load, like ten seconds, and that is with a pretty fast broadband connection. I use to be able to click on the link which I have in IE (now Firefox...) and Last.fm would load in about a second, now well it takes much longer. Also along with the plugins you need a whole app to be running. Well I guess it might be worth it for the 'new look' and better charts. I dunno.

Also last night the top four Italian clubs were relegated/points deducted/thrown out of the Champions League. Well they should be grateful, they did win the World Cup? You can't have everything.

Today there was some more 'helping the community' in the charity shop. There wasn't a lot for me to sort out (which is good - less work to do, and bad - nothing really to do then). Well some stuff did come in eventually and I also had a couple of spells on the till. I'm getting better at it now, as I seem to remember which buttons to press and not to press. It seems all I say is "Would you like a bag with that?" although one person asked for it to be bubbled wrapped and I make a complete pigs ear of it. In the end they did it for me. Well I don't normally wrap stuff, that's my defence...


Blogger JaG said...

Last.fm is loading just as fast as it was before on my pc.

17/7/06 11:49 pm  
Anonymous richard said...

On my PC it isn't - it takes a good five seconds or so for most pages, and I have to refresh a lot as some simply don't load first time.

18/7/06 6:09 pm  
Anonymous foxyboy said...

A friend of mine told me about last.fm ages ago, but I didn't register until a couple of months ago, but now I can't stay away from the place!

20/7/06 4:47 pm  

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