08 July 2006

Cybermen vs. Daleks.

Today's gonna be a short post, short and sweet. I spent the afternoon in the shop again, sorting out some donations and occasionally manning the till. All was going well, like the last time I was on the till, until just before closing time when a woman bought some stuff. I entered it into the till, collected her money and gave her the change when she said I had not given her enough money back. Well, sorry. I think I have. I checked it again and confirmed that it was correct. But no, she still would not believe me. I maybe should have mentioned that I go to a 'GRAMMAR SCHOOL', but it was only until her daughter checked and confirmed that I was right all along did she finally accept it. No apology either.

Well, what a finale to the second series of Doctor Who. I haven't really talked about it much here, but I do think it has been better than the last one. There was a huge battle between the Cybermen and the Daleks (who have returned, in some sort of cult?), and Rose has finally left. The effects didn't exactly look as convincing as say, Lord Of The Rings, but still, it was pretty cool...


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