27 June 2006

Day Two Of The Work Experience, Experience.

Today was a bit different to yesterday. The huge radar antenna was just being tested. There wasn't much to do while this was going on. The entire thing is run by computers, which if you are interested (which you probably aren't) run Windows 95. I know! Pretty much twelve years old and still being used for testing. There are Win XP computers, but they don't seem to use them for testing.

Again I had a sandwich for lunch, after someone commented that, "The only thing you'll get free from the canteen is salmonella." No one seems to approve of the canteen, which is really funny because they all eat there.

After lunch there was more testing. I was given what looked like three trees worth of stuff to read, because I will (hopefully) be building my own 'ickle antenna' and testing it in the little anechoic chamber. Well after almost tow hours of solid reading in my office I gave up. I can't read that much in one go, although some of it is stuff which I already have done in (dare I say it?) Electronics. Well you cannot really concentrate when just across from you is a massive three hundred foot radar tower. I'm sure earlier I heard it swaying about pretty violently...


Blogger matt292 said...

i preferred your old blog.

twas more colourful

this one is boring

28/6/06 10:28 am  
Anonymous Richard said...

Time for a colour scheme change perhaps!

Anyway..your work experience sounds..interesting...

I think I'll stick to my Year 3 class though, antennas and all this lark sounds too much like electronics for me.

28/6/06 6:12 pm  

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