16 June 2006

Q. What Is A Supernova?

A. A pimped up Vauxhall.

Oh!!! Boom boom! I thought it was funny. Well, that picture is. The owner obviously thinks that painting 'Turbo' on it will make it go faster. Well that was relevant to the first (and the third last) exam today - Physics. Before it, there was the usual crammin' and it was particularly funny when Sawood realised that his CGP revision book was rubbish. It didn't even show the proper life of a star. Everyone knows that a yellow dwarf --> red giant --> white dwarf --> black dwarf and blue giant --> red supergiant --> supernova (not a Vauxhall this time...) --> neutron star/black hole.

Well we didn't need that. It was a 'good' exam cos we didn't need any really complicated formulae, which was good. There were a couple of electricity questions, where I decided to use my Electronics 'knowledge' (singular) about diodes dropping 0.7v. I had learnt that specially and didn't need to use it! I might even stretch so far as to call the Physics exam 'bitchin!'.

After Physics Harris and I swapped the 'old' Power Mac which served us so well, with one of the new iMacs. I should have been revising for French reading, but you can't really revise for a reading exam and French?!?!? Well the new Mac is pretty cool, as it's a bit bigger than the old screen it doesn't fit far back so it's a bit strange having the screen so close.

Well French reading was well, ok. I seemed to be able to do some of it. Only one more exam left, Drama...


Anonymous Cook said...

"you can't really revise for a reading exam and French"

You could have er.... read some french?

16/6/06 9:13 pm  
Anonymous Chris said...

Or not. xP

18/6/06 8:49 pm  

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