08 June 2006

The Beggar.

I hope my 'lucky' streak continues. I really, really wanted 'The Beggar' to come up in the second English language exam and - it did! There was another begging related poem, called 'Decomposition' (which brought back memories of the Bio exam...). The writing task was writing to a newspaper about the problem of begging. I had a complete blank of what to put about beggars. I was tempted at one point to use an argument that they should be rounded up and shot, but fortunately didn't put that down. I just blabbered on about building shelters for them...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unlike the biology exam, I was actually able to write a decent answer for the english exam's "decomposition question"..ha!

Also, a good argument to put on the beggar question would be to make them all slaves, giving them jobs and us slaves. A win-win situation, no?


8/6/06 9:38 pm  

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