06 June 2006

Domestic Alarm Systems.

Today was another of the 'two exam' days, English language (media texts) and Electronic Products (Paper 1). Again before school there was more frantic revision, though this time it was trying to remember the various media terms, like pugs (which 'interestingly' are the things in the corners of a page). Well the questions were along the lines of:
  • Comparing the 'Boldly go in search of...' and 'Barren landscape reveals secret history' talking about the various things listed. I was surprised that we were asked to talk about the small cartoon, but it was only a paragraph and fortunately not a whole essay!!!
  • Talk about a report on the moon landings, or more 'moon liftoffs' as it was a page about the risks when flying off from the moon.
  • An argue/persuade/advise task which I actually 'predicted' before the exam. I was pretty certain that we would be asked to write something about whether money should be spent on some space mission. We had to write a speech for a 'local radio station' about spending money on a mission to Mars in 2009.

Well after the exam most people got to go home, but I had to stay and revise for the Techtronics exam. I wasn't the only one luckily, there were a couple of people also revising for the Graphics exam. Revising? All they have to do is like some doodles! After about two hours revision, including learning the 555 monostable it was the exam. Everyone seemed to say that the 'domestic alarm system' stuff wouldn't come up in this exam. Well I think it did.

The first question was about smoke alarms and there was another about a security light. Overall I was pleased with the exam. In the beginning I was happy with the questions because there was the usual stuff, like why do you not use a sticky label for safety stuff, but then the two things which I didn't want to come up did. Op Amps and Flip flops. Luckily despite the fact that I don't really understand any of them I didn't need to, it was just sorting out a breadboard and a PCB design. Well that was it for today. Tomorrow is Biology, which I am firmly not looking forward to...


Anonymous Sawood said...

Afternoon Craglit. Erm excuse me, the graphics exam was very hard work! Well ok it wasn't really, although the whole exam paper was about postage stamps. I mean I knew some of it would be...but all of it?! Boosty certainly didn't prepare us well enough, but ah well never mind, it was ok.

I think.

6/6/06 4:55 pm  

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