05 June 2006

Mt St Helens, 8.32AM, 18th May 1980.

Today was the beginning of the 'proper' exam period, with pretty much an exam everyday for the next two weeks and on some days two exams. Today was one of those days. Before school there was some really frantic revision when I realised that I hadn't really revised population at all. I gave up revising we (Cook, Harris, Worthy, Ambe and me!) just started testing each other on some really random stuff, like:

Q. How many car parking spaces does the Metro Centre have?
A. Ummm. 10,000?
Q. Shops?
A. 300?
Q. Restaurants?
A. 30?
Me: No! 40!

Yes, it was actually like that. I was pleasantly surprised by the exam. The stuff which I didn't want to come up, didn't. Where it did come up, the other question was really good. The questions which I did were:
  • Iceland volcano question, mainly because of the Mt St Helens case study bit.
  • Urban to rural migration, I couldn't remember the LEDC case study so instead I rambled on about Danbury.
  • Industry question, because I revised about the Prolog distribution centre (at Annesley, Nottinghamshire in case you cared...) at about 6.30 this morning.
  • Rainforest question. I said before that I wouldn't do a rainforest question, but the case study was about global warming which I really wanted to come up.

I was slightly worried though because I finished about half an hour early, and no one else had. So I actually went back and re read my answers and added something to every single one. Wow. I was impressed myself, for some reason useful facts started flooding back to me, such as the FAA closing the air space around MSH after the eruption. Why did I remember that?

Well afterwards I had to revise for the Maths non-calc paper. I found some of the paper really easy, but also some of it really hard, although listening to what other people have said, I think that I may have got some of the stuff which I sort of guessed right. Well I really should revise, I mean I've got two more again tomorrow. English language (the media text bit and some writing task) and Techtronics. I really should learn some Tech...


Anonymous richard said...

picture the scene...

*Richard, in the geography exam, trying to decide whether Prolog Distribution Centre is in Nottingham or Sheffield...*

*5 minutes later..*

*chooses Sheffield*


5/6/06 9:46 pm  
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