03 June 2006

The Chefs!!!

My Dad came back from America today, and naturally he had some stuff for me. Well I say "for me" but, well, technically it's not for me, but I will probably get to use it a lot. First up there was a new 'family' camera, a Canon Powershot A530. I've sort of given up on Kodak, they have good software but their cameras are really poorly built. The 'free' one which came with our computer is nearing death. My one is dead, which is why I have a Canon IXUS 40, although in all fairness it has taken a lot of pictures (Greece Trip - 500+, Geography Field Trip - 500+, America 2005 - 3000+). This one is pretty much the same as my current one, so it's not like I'm gaining anything new or losing anything.

I also got some more memory, in the form of a 1GB SD card (and yes this is my third one!!! But you can never have too much memory!). I also got some cool alarm clock, which I probably need. It seems like I need an explosion to get up these days.

I'm actually quite worried. Next week there is an exam everyday, and on some days there are two a day. I've got quite used to a couple of days between exams to revise for each one. On Monday there is Geo with all of the case studies, and Maths which you can sort of predict what will come up. Tomorrow will be full of revision.

This evening we went to Basildon, to the Outback Steakhouse. I tell you that place is really, really good. Almost as good as 'The Chefs' on X Factor. I say 'good', because they are so bad, they're good! I really want them to win...


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