10 May 2006

The Computer Misuse Act.

It seemed more like Year 10 during registration, because completely out of surprise Ham registered us. It was a return to the golden era of Ham. I really think that he should 'buy' us back, even if there are only two days left, please.

Geography was first. We continued with last lessons work, and also looked over last year's paper to see how each section was different. I really wouldn't mind doing last year's paper because some of it was based around the Niagara Falls, which I have been too. It probably wouldn't give me that much of an advantage, but it would be nice to know a bit about the place in the question beforehand. Physics was doing another paper, intertwined with various insults thrown at/from Birke. Then it was the last ever English lesson. She wasn't even there for it! We had a Greenwood cover, which was just as funny as yesterday. Then we saw 'the end' of FFMC. I say 'the end' because Morrell left a note saying to only see the last twenty minutes, but even I could predict that there was more than twenty minutes left.

Maths was beginning another paper (with various two way insults between Girdler and us). Drama was a cover. It wasn't really that bad, Ambe, Bugg and I went onto the computers and had a competition to see who was better at various subjects on BBC Bitesize. Some of the subjects were purely random, like music appreciation and Irish reading tests. I did learn one very important thing though, it is illegal under Section One of the Computer Misuse Act to intercept a message to a pager. That will come in really useful in later life...


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