05 May 2006

One Week Left.

Before school I had to get all of my Art stuff together, cos apparently tomorrow it is going to be marked. I didn't realise how much work I have actually done over the two years. Maths was doing a paper, which according to her is going to be the second from last one we will do. Damn, that means that the exam is close, very close. French was also doing a past paper, a past reading paper. Shame I don't really care about the subject, but I would still like to get an 'A'. Tech was looking over the mock paper. This seems to be the only subject where we haven't done many past papers, possibly because only like a week ago we were going our c/w.

Physics was spent doing (surprise, surprise) a past paper. Chemistry wasn't doing a past paper. Partly because we haven't finished the course. Well, still a week to go. I think we're near the end though. We've got one week, one week! AHHHHH...


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