28 April 2006

I Hate French.

Two weeks left of school. That's it. That's all. Well, it's even less for me cos of the Art exam next week. Boy it's gone quick. I swear like last week it was January. Well over with my philosophical moment. Maths was doing another paper. French was finishing the listening test and then beginning a writing test. I dunno why, but it seems like Maths papers are really useful for going over stuff, but like French papers are just so damn boring. This may be because of my strong negative view of French (aka. I hate it), but I don't seem to get anything out of them, except pain.

Tech was looking back over the test. I was really surprised by some of the stuff which I was able to do back in Jan, cos I looked at some of my work and didn't have a clue what I had done. I got them right mind, but don't remember how I got them right. Physics seemed really pointless. We watched Birke do an experiment which didn't work, and didn't learn anything at all. I might have learnt more if I had been sitting outside thinking. Chemistry was doing an experiment (Yay!) although I'm sure we've done it before, or at least something very similar before. But hey, Chemistry is fun...


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