25 April 2006

The Scripted Drama Exam.

So after several months of preparation today we finally got to perform Hymns. It's a good and a bad thing. No more having to run over the same pages again, but it also means that we are being marked on today's performance.

We were to perform second, in front of the invigilator. This was very good for our group, as Scammell was choosing the best two groups to perform for her, us and Jamie's group. They went first and then it was us. I dunno why, but I honestly wasn't thrilled with my performance. The Christmas one, I was really pleased with my performance, but this one - well I wasn't happy.

It could have been because we have rehearsed this one so much, that I'm just bored with it. Well after our one we went through the other groups and at least the pressure was off. Both Drama exams finished, now, just the written exam...


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