15 April 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy.

I planned to wake up early do loads of h/w, then go and so my service at Farleigh and come back home and do some Art. No surprises, but I didn't. In fact I woke up, seemed to lose a couple of hours doing nothing and then went to Farleigh. It was really busy there today, and fortunately and unfortunately there was loads of stuff to sort through. It's good because it means more money for Farleigh, but it also means more work for me.

It was really annoying because someone had dropped of loads of children's puzzles, which meant that I had to count out all of the pieces. It's not as bad as it seems until you come to a puzzle which doesn't have a piece number on the box. I worked out how many pieces there were meant to be in the end, and to be really annoying a piece was missing - so I had to bin the puzzle. A complete waste of time then.

It could have been worse though I guess. I also got a badge to wear when I'm in the shop so that people know (and to quote), "You are one of us." One of what? The mafia??? I think that I'm now an official volunteer...


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