28 March 2006

iPod Shuffle Dock.

In Art I did some of my actual (real) exam prep work, which was going to involve clay but then didn't, but finally ended with lino printing. It's really funny how the moment you put an iron on the lino everyone can suddenly smell it and then moan about lino printing. Anyway the lesson was cut short because of the class photographs. This did seem a tad pointless because our form were missing eight people. It was good to know though that I'm not the shortest in the class, Chris gets that honour. English was doing a Best Word essay - big yawn. I'm very quickly beginning to get annoyed with all of these damn essays, why can't on word answers suffice? 'How effective is language in the poem?' - 'Very'. See, that's nice and simple.

Maths was going over the paper from the h/w, yes yet more repetition. Games was swimming, which is the last one of this block. It seems a bit strange how we've had almost three months of this block, and yet the final one will only be about three weeks. Evenly spaced out, eh? In other news my iPod Shuffle Dock has arrived. Yes I know, I don't actually have an iPod Shuffle, but I do have a good use for the dock. It's a really sweet way of holding my USB drive...


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