22 March 2006

Frantic Finishing.

Geo was in the computer room and was finishing off the Kobe malarkey. Physics was a cover even though Birke walked out of the staff room moments before the lesson. We had to watch a (boring) video and then do some (pointless) tasks. English was doing some revision on R+J and then doing some more c/w admin. I found it really strange that we had to fill in a yellow form previously with all of our work on it and then we were told to bin it today. Maths was marking the h/w. Drama was a cover and Tom and I got on with our long standing game of squares. I began losing terribly, 17-1 (at one point) but I had a good reason. I was learning the script as we don't actually have much time. After school I had to finish my Tech c/w as I really do not have much time left at all. In fact it's due in tomorrow. AH!!!!!!!!

The Apprentice was also on tonight. It was fairly funny due to the fact that neither team seemed to have a grip. Also how cool was that blue sky room? I didn't think that Ruth's team should have lost as their stuff was much, much better, but I did think that Mani should go. I can't stand him, he thinks he's so darn good at everything. He just annoys me...


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