16 March 2006

The Options Evening.

Tech was the usual rush to try and get the c/w done and sort of one the way to being finished. Geo was in the computer room and I spent it researching about the Kobe earthquake. Service had brought in a 'mint' condition newspaper from 1995 and expected us to use it (and presumably keep it relatively 'mint'). No one used it, until she pointed it out and then loads of people went up. I don't think it was 'mint' at the end. Drama was fairly pointless for me, my group weren't there. Some stupid Maths thing I think.

PSE was the supposedly final one with Walker, and he tried to do a recap and it seemed to show that no one had been paying attention at all. Bio was pretty poor. We are on our last topic, and it seems like we won't ever finish it as every time she sees someone talking she would stop talking and just wait. At one point she was just waiting for like six minutes. After school I had to do some more Tech c/w. This made me decide not to do it next year as I'm not spending another two years after school until like five.

Later on there was The Options Evening. It's a fairly strange thing as you go around looking to see what you could do next year, or realistically go around the school looking at various pieces of work which you don't understand next to people who want your place next year. Alright, in all fairness the Geo 'stand' was very good. Service talked me through the course and showed me all the work and for Physics Greenwood showed me the tests. We were also told about a new course being run that was 'Critical Thinking' which is meant to be good, or so everyone says. It better be, I'm planning on taking it. Anyway, must back my bag for the DoE expedition tomorrow...


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