06 March 2006

A Four Letter Outburst.

After assembly we were held back by Bevan and what happened next could only be described as amazing. There was a four letter outburst and he got really angry because someone had sworn at a Haywards School teacher. I don't think anyone had ever seen him that angry before. It was actually really scary, when he's normally angry he will make it into some sort of funny thing - like the 'clubs', but this time he was furious.

Art was doing more drawing out my idea for my final piece. I didn't do much work though, as I kept drawing something and then rubbing it out a couple of moments later. English was making up question for the pre release booklet. It turned out to be a bit of a farce as we had to read them out aloud and then the other groups would write this down. It was anarchy, and eventually she allowed people to resort to the use of the board. However some people had created massive questions, so over half the lesson was spent copying down questions and we hadn't even reached half of the groups.

French was doing a reading test, which I though was so so. RE was fairly drop dead boring. I was tempted to get up and drop dead. I didn't as you can tell. Biology was watching some video with people who had some of the funniest names I have ever seen. Chem was doing work on the Nitrogen Cycle. After school I had to go to the Art block to do some work after school. I had made the fateful mistake of saying that I should spend some time in the Art Block doing (surprise, surprise) Art...


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