28 February 2006

The Threepenny Opera.

In Art I began my final piece, although it was a bit of a joke because in order to do it I needed to have finished lots of other pieces. English was doing some group work on 'Porphyria's Lover' which is actually an alright poem. Maths was first marking the paper from the h/w and then doing some 'fun' geometry proof. Oh the joys of geometry proof. Games was swimming (as usual) and then back to school to get ready for the play after school 'The Threepenny Opera'.

After like everyone had disappeared and I had done my Maths and English h/w it began. Some of it was really funny, but some other bits were just really weird like two of them pretending to have sex onstage was slightly disturbing. I mean like you don't really expect that kind of thing in a play performed in a school. It was particularly funny when a women pretending to play a prostitute came up to us and asked if we liked playing with knobs, as the lighting desk apparently has lots of them. As Chris pointed out, about three with about a hundred slidy switches. Afterwards we managed to pack up really quickly and were out by ten, although I had to wait ages for my Dad to come and get me as there was a mix up of where I was supposed to be picked up. So all in all fourteen hours at school, I'll have to do that again on Friday. Roll on Band Night...


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