22 April 2005

We Bought Brown Paint, Argh, It's Green!

Today was pretty normal, eat, sleep, drink, homework (though maybe not in that order). However the long awaited return of the NEW (though not so NEW) shed has finally come. After roughly a week of new action in the shed department the front to the roof was cut, screwed, removed and then painted (I know, could it possibly get any more exciting?). However there was a small problem with the painting (or as it said earlier "painted") part of that list. On the tin it says "Golden Brown", which presents a few problems. Firstly is it gold, brown, of some sort of dangerous mixture, which in the wrong hands could cause mayhem and destruction beyond all imaginable possibility. Unfortunately, it was neither. It turned out to be some sort of dark green!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!! However (which incidently has been used three (yes THREE!!!) times already, in this entry) the green paint came from the brush. Lo and behold, we are all saved...


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