21 April 2005

Their Name Liveth For Evermore.

Today I went to France/Belgium!!! I had to wake up at 4.30am and trudged down to Folkstone (well not really trudge, more sit in a car) then we got onto the shuttle to France. Then about half an hour later we were driving to Brussels, and I had my laptop out with my NEW GPS device thing and was able to track where the car was all day which was cool/fun/boring/annoying (delete as applicable), by the way I was actually watching a film, so it wasn't that bad.

The we got to Brussels, which I must say ranks quite highly in my "Most Boring Cities In The World" table. There is actually nothing worth visiting/doing in Brussels. It is full of formal dressed businessmen who run around pretending to rule the European Union. No really, it is full of men dressed in suits running about talking about some stupid new rules. The only good part of the city is actually going about it, there are loads of tunnels which go up and down, then up and down (really that is the most interesting bit). However this caused havoc with the GPS on my laptop, it got really confused and ended up saying that I had stopped in some church. Very odd.

After this we drove to Ypres so that I could take some pictures of the War Graves to use in my upcoming Art Exam. I must say that it was particularly eerie being in one of them. It was in the middle of nowhere and was too quiet, and there was thousands of grave stones, and that was just one of many hundred cemeteries!!!

We then made of way back to Calais, then home. All in a days work I say...


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