18 April 2005

Excommunication During WWII.

Today was rather more "hands on" and "active" than usual. I spent most of it cutting the NEW MDF and PINE, drilling into the NEW MDF and PINE, countersinking the NEW MDF and PINE, screwing together the NEW MDF and PINE, and after about 6 hours hard graft I had something which resembled a stage. However I don't hold much hope of it staying together because I ran out of screws (I didn't think I'd need more than 50!!!). But anyway it is finished, although I now need to make a forest out of trees and a stable/barn/wooden building.

Today is the beginning of voting for a NEW POPE! (There seems to be a bit of a NEW theme today!) The 115 Cardinals are now voting for a new pope in the Sistine Chapel and lets hope that its gonna be British! Interestingly if one of the Cardinals has a mobile phone on them they can get excommunicated (which sounds like something which went on in concentration camps during WWII, although I am reliably imformed that it means being chucked out of the church). Theoretically any male Catholic can be elected Pope, so there's hope for me yet. Although I'm not holding my breath...


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