16 April 2005

Aliens Of London.

Today was a bit more interesting than the last few days. Firstly was a trip to the dump to throw away wood and some weeds (well quite a lot of weeds) and I ended up covered in mud, soil and weeds. Then some odd man in one of those reflective yellow things said that I should and use the staff toilets to get the mud off. So I trotted off to find the elusive bogs which resembled a green Tardis (except it was a bog, was not a time machine and had TOILET written on the outside in BIG letters).

Then it was off to B&Q to get wood and screws for the SHED and DRAMA SET (yes the SHED and DRAMA SET make a reappearance!!!). So the rest of the afternoon was spent making a work table for the NEW shed, which took ages and is still not finished.

Finally I comment on Doctor Who, which was odd/good/weird/dodgy (delete as applicable). The dodgy alien ship which landed looked rather rubbish and NOT real at all. The aliens and that stupid pig thing looked odd and dodgy. The overall story was good and odd. And something was weird but I can't quite remember...


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