13 April 2005

The Con Is On.

Nothing really exciting or interesting today. Did some Tech and Geo homework, THOUGHT about doing some Art homework but didn't actually do any. Ah well I have about 10 days of holiday left (so loads of time still to do it!!!).

Last nights Hustle was good. Conning a conman is always rather funny even if he did look about 12 years old. Also the Mgabe name is oddly similar to Robert Mugabe, who also tortures prisoners (well someone had to point the similarity out). Who in their right mind would pay £500,000 for a $1000 note? There are some odd people out there.

The Apprentice with SIR Alan Sugar was rather good too. Even if I have a rather strong dislike of Tottenham I felt sorry for their fans for being pestered into loosing half their mobile credit for some pesky updates...


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