12 April 2005

Chislation: Fast Chisling While Listening To The Radio.

Today I got up, marched to the NEW shed, took out the wood, MDF, saw, vice, bench hook, chisel, wooden mallot, tape measure and pencil, then spent the next hour marking out the different pieces of wood. Then spent the next hour sawing and sanding the wood. Then the next two hours chiseling away until there was nothing left (well almost, I did leave some wood behind or else that would just be stupid). Then I spent the next hour screwing stuff together, and lo behold I had some sort of frame. But some of the wood is cracked, so its off to B&Q again soon to get more wood, but it does look quite impressive. Roll on Monday 16th May (day to hand the sets in) I shout from the top of the shed...


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