20 April 2005

The Mona Lisa Of The Comic Book World.

Today was pretty normal. Did some Art homework, well some exam prep work for the 10 hour (yes 10 HOURS LONG!!!) exam. Well that should be fun/tiring/boring/long (delete as applicable). Now I MIGHT go and do some Chemistry homework (though that it a MIGHT).

Hustle was good last night, though it was basically a repeat like thing of last weeks episode. Not conning a conman this time, but conning a bent policewoman. Still, she deserved it. I wonder if next week it will be conning a conman who conned the person conning.

Interestingly (or maybe not) Ratzinger translated from German to English literally means "Singer of advice". Lets hope he can sing well then.

Also in the Express today there was an interesting website to help people to decide who to vote for in the upcoming elections on the 5/5/05 (yes it's one of those odd dates). So people should visit the site and then leave a comment here saying who they think you should vote for. They say that I should vote Lib Dem. Fat chance...



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