26 February 2006

This Boat Is Sinking.

I wasted my morning due to two reasons: I didn't do any h/w and I spent it taking a DVD player apart only to put it back together again. Why you ask? It's my new hobby, taking apart stuff only to put them back together again. No fool! It happened to be broken, so I had the bright idea of whipping out the drive and sticking it in the Dell. Unfortunately there was one major problem, getting into it. I took off all the screws I could find on it, and it wouldn't open. After a bit of tugging it eventually fell apart and after taking off more damn screws I got to the drive. Ha ha, my plan was working. Oh, there is a problem. Apart from the front of the drive being somewhat absent there was also no eject button. So my plan has failed. It took longer to put it back together as I kept having spare screws and getting the metal top back on was impossible.

The afternoon was spent doing French, English (damn stupid revision mind maps!!!) and Art. Art as usual proved to be the panic h/w, where I'd sit there staring at the page, then the clock, then the page and then realise that I had wasted an hour. In the end I did come up with something, something which looked really, really weird. It was my version of Picasso's Dora Maar, but loosely based on my face. It was meant to be based on my face, but it looks nothing like me...


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