01 March 2006

Ice In March.

Hitch isn't as bad as people make him out to be. We had him for Geo cover as Service was ill, and I had expected someone who shouted, handed out detentions and was generally grumpy. But he wasn't, he was really funny and kept cracking jokes. Just after the beginning of the lesson he took his phone out and began using it, then supposedly turned it off. Physics was doing some experiment where we made a small transformer, and then had loads of different combinations and had to measure each. I actually think its pretty amazing how it works, I mean you can make the electricity 'jump' from one wire to another without them touching, how good is that? Ok, it isn't. Since when has Physics been cool? We also got our c/w back, and I can't remember my mark but it was down from my Bio one.

English was a cover for the first part, as Morrell was doing some Science thing. She was back for the second half and we had to pretty much do an essay. It wouldn't normally have been that bad, but after spending a section leisurely completing a mind map and then having to an essay with four minutes per paragraph was tough. Maths was going over the h/w and then playing 'a game'. I didn't think it was much of a game though, how can matching up equations be a game? Drama was discussing the play which we saw yesterday, and at the beginning he went ballistic when he found out people had been going into the Drama Office looking for paper. He exploded at Jack when he hadn't even gone in there which was really funny. In fact the homework was to buy a pad of paper each, which I had to get. I bet you no one else has bothered to get one so I didn't need to waste £1.19...


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