03 March 2006

Band Night 2006.

Maths was first and was spent doing more damn proof. French was doing a listening test. I thought 'Oh no. I hate these. I can't do them', but it seemed ok. In fact I did rather well getting 25/30 which is very impressive, for me. Tech was doing more work on my PCB and I had to work through lunch to get a lot more done. I'm getting slightly worried with my project as the amount of wires in it at the moment is just insane and it's about a 1/4 done. Physics was funny. Birke had a massive go at us for firstly a large number of people not having done the h/w and practically no one having their textbooks with them. This led to the memorable Birke quote, "We appear to have eight textbooks." Just for the record I did actually have my textbook. Chem was making a fertiliser from the stuff we made last week. It was really strange how we had like loads of the stuff, like 1.5g of it when, for instance, Cook had like 0.5g. At the end of the lesson there was a nice bit of Inkball to end the week.

Then the preparations for the filming of Band Night began. We got everything out of the office, took it to the balcony and set it up. But first there was the small matter of having dinner, which was a microwave meal which Worthy got, and I almost burnt myself with. Anyway afterwards we set up all the cameras and moved them to their positions, and we were ready in record time. This was pretty amazing. Our filming plan seemed to work for the first act, but afterwards it went to pot. There wasn't the five minute gap between each act which we were promised, it was more like twenty seconds tops. In short it was fking chaos on the balcony, and it seemed like we all missed every clapperboard. It should be a laugh for Harris to edit it...


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