02 March 2006

I Haven't Finished Yet.

The Apprentice last night was an absolute joke. I mean come on! Grown people crying over seemingly pointless things. To top all that off that stupid Nargis woman was completely rubbish and downright rude in the negotiations. How can anyone say to a prospective buyer, "I haven't finished yet," when they try to ask a question. She doesn't deserve to be fired, she ought to be shot.

Tech was doing more c/w work and again unfortunately we were given a h/w to do an hour of work outside lessons. I guess it is kind of necessary or else no one will finish their c/w before the deadline. Service was back in Geo today and we saw the picture that Hitch had promised, which was basically a Mexican dressed as a seat so that he could get in America. Drama was practising our play, although to begin with he went around checking that people had actually bought paper pads after yesterdays lesson.

PSE was political awareness with Walker, although this time he wrote on the correct side of the board. I contributed a fair bit during the 'lesson' as it was actually about something which I knew about and no one else seemed to know anything about it. I mean everyone knows what a manifesto is and a white paper? Bio was about cloning, if only I could clone myself and then have been somewhere else and my clone could have sat in for me. That's a bit harsh though, it wasn't that bad. It was annoying though as halfway through it began snowing really heavily but then stopped. DoE ended the day where we didn't really learn anything, except that route cards are important...


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