05 March 2006

70 Years On.

I ended up spending my afternoon doing two tasks: homework and installing various games for my brother on the Dell. French was terrible, I had most of it translated for me - but in fairness did work most of it out beforehand and only used it to check it for me, English was painful, writing another damned essay and Art, which was messy. I ended up covering part of my desk in yellow paint and fortunately made the wise decision to move my laptop beforehand.

Today, as I was reliably informed in the morning by the radio, is the seventieth anniversary of the Spitfire first flying, so I thought I'd slip that in some[where] in this entry. It is really quite significant as if it hadn't been made there is a chance that I might be typing this out in German (Urgh! The thought of it alone...) rather than English. Also did anyone see that awesome Planet Earth program? Wow. It was amazing, I want a helicopter with one of those gimbals...


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