13 March 2006

A Complete Disaster.

Before Art there was another assembly telling us that we were doomed, and to choose our options wisely. We also had to fill in some form about what options we are likely to take and why. The assembly was in the Old Gym, so possibly the worse place to hold it? Anyone fancy the canteen? No, didn't think so. We'd all rather write in thin air. Art was a cover, and it seemed to go by really quickly. English was revising some Best Words poems with everyone performing a short presentation. Our one was awful, in fact it was so bad that I don't even want to think about it. In French I actually didn't do that much, it was an oral prep lesson.

RE with Newman can be summed up in the following phrase: a complete disaster. Nothing seemed to go right. Firstly he was late and other people were late. Then no one listened to him and kept talking. He couldn't get the DVD to show up on the projector. I probably would have wanted to have not seen the film that we were being shown. It was about abortion and featured a girl who was twelve. Nothing wrong with that? She was pregnant. It was really funny when the camera panned to her face and everyone, well, basically made a sound of disapproval. Newman promptly paused the film and asked us to keep our opinions to ourselves.

I was really amazed that I got 18/20 on the test. I knew that I must have done well on one of the tests as I got a B and the previous two that I got back were rubbish. The lesson ended with another 'hilarity' with Newman asked for us to bring the tests back next week and waved mine about, and then walked off with it. Yeah, I'm going to be able to bring it back if you walk off with it. Bio was more about extinction/evolution and Chem was going over the h/w and then being told there was a test. Ah...


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