08 March 2006

The National Grid.

Geography was first as was about plate boundaries, earthquakes and volcanoes. It was pretty funny because she tried to explain the different types of boundaries using a rather dodgy paper model, which was apparently made whilst she was becoming a teacher. It was so funny as there were little volcanoes and everything. Physics was spent watching Birke, well, play with a small model of the National Grid. It was really ironic at one point that there was a transformer plugged into the mains and connected to a transformer which was connected to another transformer which was then running a mains bulb.

English was doing the c/w admin. It wasn't terribly interesting, or terribly boring, more in the middle. I must say that I am still 'on a high' from that creative writing coursework (27!!!!) even though it was like a month ago. We also learnt that Morrell hates her middle name, and that the class thought 'Digby' was a stupid name. Maths was marking the paper and Girdler seemed amazed that I had managed to mark both mine and Thurston's papers. Then it was onto indices. Drama was a bit of a joke, again most of my group weren't there due to the 'Our Day Out' rehearsals. So Tom and I just went through our lines a couple of times and wasted the rest of the lesson. I learnt after school that Wiltshire likes The Apprentice!!! In fact talking about that it's almost on, better go an see it then...


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