15 March 2006

Low Budget Thriller.

I only went to half of Geography because there was a DoE meeting. The half which I did attend was watching a truly awful video. It seemed to be a low budget thriller based on Mt St Helens with a cringe worthy American narration. It was possibly the worst thing that I have ever seen in my life. Physics was funny as Birke made a big deal at the beginning of the lesson to remind us that we shouldn't write on the benches. He basically said that if we had anything bad to say about Physics teachers we should say it to our friends or to him ("You can tell it to my face"). It is very tempting to suddenly throw your hand in the air and shout out obscenities.

English was doing a cover timed writing piece. Roberts was covering the second section and as usual with him there were chaotic scenes. Towards the end he told Chris to go and bring some people in who were throwing stuff around inside, and then later he sent some people out to what can only be described as 'bullying them'. Maths was marking the paper and then doing some graph stuff. Drama was a cover, and although my group actually did some work the other groups didn't. Gibbs didn't even notice the fact that out play was full of swearing, but Moore did. I didn't realise but we only have about six weeks until we perform. I better learn my script then...


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