14 March 2006

Falling Down Stairs.

I went to school today even though it was a staff day (yes, I know, shock horror!). I went in mainly because I needed to do my Tech c/w in order to get it done in time. However fortunately and unfortunately Bunting wasn't there. Fortunately because I had realised I had made one massive cock up and needed to unsolder lots of wires and put them back on, in a special order. Unfortunately because it meant that we couldn't get any components or different coloured wires and that some, to put it mildly, twat was in charge.

Honestly, he was an absolute idiot who upon us entering the room demanded to know our names and then told us to shut up and get on with our work, even Bunting doesn't do that. As if that were bad enough he had somehow acquired a set of speakers and was blasting music in the Tech Block and stopping us from working. Fortunately Bunting arrived and was on crutches (something I won't forgot in a while!) and I could just see some of the class imagining to snap her sticks or steal them. Aren't we nice...


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