21 March 2006

House Drama 2006 (Or Lack Of).

During registration we were told to check our options for next year, and I was really, really surprised that they had accepted my 'fifth' option, or more precisely fifth options: Drama and Electronics. Art was painting the background of my exam piece, which was annoying as I should have done it first and also because the lesson ended before I could finish all of it. I am probably going to have to try and finish it after school sometime this week.

English was spent doing some quotation exercise where you to find ten quotes relating to the thing you did the previous lesson. It did seem rather pointless. Then we had to do some Drama task based on it; which too seemed pointless. I though I might point out that I used that semi colon for 'balance and contrast'. My groups performance was awful, partly because I didn't have a clue what was going on. Maths was marking the paper and then going onto doing some probability revision.

At this point it was lunch and then House Drama. I didn't go to House Drama as I had the very pressing matter of my Tech c/w. So I spent all afternoon doing it. I had to actually change my case, which involved drilling holes, making them bigger and then doing the dreaded rectangular hole. I honestly can't see where people have trouble with it. It's easy. Drill a hole, then use the abrafile saw to make the hole and finally use a file to smooth it all of. I just need to solder in the switches and then I'm done. Well that's the plan...


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