20 March 2006

The Fisherman Dance.

During assembly something really strange happened. A bunch of Japanese people stood up and did a fisherman dance. I honestly didn't know whether to laugh, be shocked or amazed. At times I could understand what the hell was going on, but it did seem like at one point they were pulling a rope (possibly with a fish line on?) and throwing buckets about. Whatever they were doing it certainly beats a normal assembly or some, frankly totally rubbish FDL announcement.

In Art we got our exam papers, and I thought that there were loads of good ones, and some ones which I wouldn't touch with a long pole. I think I'll go with the surface one, as you can do video and photos. English was doing some drop dead boring FFMC work. Morrell tried to make it exciting by bringing in some random stuff, but even that didn't make it anymore fun. I may at the end of the year go out and buy a copy of FFMC and burn it. No seriously, I despise it so much I am willing to waste money on a copy only to burn it. French doing some oral revision and then going back to more textbook work.

RE wasn't really RE to begin with. Newmie wanted some feedback on the Options Evening and most of it was bad. It was too late in the year, the forms had to do back to soon and none of our teachers were there. The rest of the lesson was spent preparing for a presentation next week. I can't wait. Bio was a cover and I managed to get a fair amount of the booklet done. Chem was going over the test. I'm a bit annoyed as I got 15/22, and should have got 17/22 as I made two blindingly obvious mistakes. I'm not going to run head first into a brick wall...


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