23 March 2006

Sticker Cutter!!!

Tech seemed rather empty today for two reasons: Sicily and Geography. There's the Latin Sicily trip going on at the moment and also the Geography revision conference. I had finished my Tech c/w the night before, well morning before at 12.30am so I was pretty happy. It sort of works, I mean you turn it on and the switches illuminate and all that but the countdown is slightly erratic. I decided not to even bother fault finding, as it is basically impossible with about sixty flying leads. So I decided to make some stickers to label the various bits of my case, ie. 'ON/OFF'. I didn't realise that the Tech Block had a machine which did it for you. It is so cool, you just draw/type out what you want and it cuts it out. I really want one of those, even though it will probably never be used. The sticking the stickers done was really hard as I decided to invert it, so I would need to keep the centre of the 'O's and 'A's etc. It was a big mistake, but it looked really good.

Geography wasn't even a cover. In fact it didn't really take place. I was relegated to the library as Service couldn't justify a cover teacher for two people. I had to do the paper which I had foolishly asked for the day before. Drama too was a cover, and we actually got some work done, despite Roberts covering us. Liam stood in for Tom and we managed to run through the entire play. PSE was spent finishing the Bio work and learning Hymns while listening to music. Bio was a cover, and I only saw the beginning of the video as I had to see the Orthodontist. It was a complete waste of time going to see him, he didn't even do anything...


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