27 March 2006

Nothing Is Impossible.

In Art Wiltshire got pretty annoyed that practically no one had done any exam preparatory work. In fact most of the class weren't even there. I managed to finish my exam piece but at the end I noticed that I had missed a really small but obvious bit. Damn. This means spending ages trying to mix this colour up again. English was doing (yes another) timed essay. French was preparing for the impending oral. Unlike the previous lesson there weren't any dodgy food references. Last week she asked us to give her some meat to get her teeth into (which as you can imagine brought five minutes of solid laughter!).

RE was poor. We were meant to do our presentations, but only one group performed. He also got really annoyed when loads of people came in really late. Bio was going over stuff which I swear we've already covered. Chem was watching a video on getting metals from their ores. Oh the joy...


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