24 March 2006

There was an FDL assembly as it's FDL week next week. All I can say is that watching Ryan attempt to eat tuna and eggs is not very pleasant. Maths was slightly more pleasant. It was doing (another) paper. In French pretty much everyone learnt that they had messed up their speaking test cards and we spent a fair bit of the lesson correcting them. It's really annoying as this is the third time I've handed it in and it is the first time I've been told it's wrong. Tech was fairly laid back compared to normal lessons. I had finished my coursework, so could spend the lesson doing basically fk all. I took a couple of pictures of my project and then put some fancy rubber feet on the bottom. I also got to go to lunch on the bell for once, which to say the least was a 'surreal experience'.

Physics was just short of a joke. First of all there was no one really in the lesson. Secondly no one was paying an ounce of attention to Herr Birke. Chem was much more exciting. We had to get copper from some copper something (as usual I can't remember the name). We also got our c/w marks back at the end, I got if I can remember correctly 8,7,7,5 which is good, better than Physics but not as good as Bio. I'm still not taking Bio A Level tho...


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