07 April 2006

Hatfield Heath.

Today there was the second DoE practise expedition (although in reality it's actually basically a Bronze expedition). Rather than talking about every single moment, here are the highlights:
  • Worrall putting our phones in little sandwich bags and then taping them up. However I could actually still use mine, cos it isn't some stupid clam shell or flip thing.
  • Beginning the walk in Hatfield Heath - aka. Cook Country. We did debate whether to try and find him and poke fun about the fact that he had given up on the Award. We didn't, and promptly began the walk.
  • Not long after we came across a seriously big ass fire. Think about the biggest fire possible, then make it bigger. It was insanely big, and the people had to use some JCB to actually get stuff onto it.
  • Lunch was in someone's front lawn. We found this house with really well kept lawns and decided to have lunch on a tree trunk in the garden. It was a really weird place because there were cameras everywhere. Lunch was pitta bread (oh no!), processed cheese (yum!) and sausages (not bad).
  • The moat (ie. the purpose of the first days walking) was poor, very poor. We couldn't even get to it as it was in someones garden and it was rubbish. It was barely a dip in the ground with some water.
  • We came across a man (presumably a farmer) with a shotgun who told us we were on his land, then when he saw the map he shuted up.
  • A long discussion about wetting the bed, then wet dreams and finally leading onto 'Bashing the Bishop'. Talking about it mind, don't think we were walking around the Essex countryside doing it. That's just plain wrong!!!
  • Finally getting to Skreens Park, putting up the tents, cooking dinner (which was actually nice). Sawood then threw the remains of the pasta over our tent, making it look dangerously like vomit.

Well that was it really on the first day. Oh yes, on my way back from the toilet block I was at the bottom of a bundle with half the camp site on top of me. I swear I broke something then...


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