30 March 2006

Walking In Memphis.

It was slightly annoying this morning because I could have gone to the Slave Auction but instead went to Tech. It was good that I did though as the stuff which we did was actually quite important. Apparently the second paper is about something which we have to research prior to the exam - which was slightly worrying as up to this point I didn't know fk all about this. So most of the lesson was spent researching about domestic alarms, apart from the points when Worrall and Birke came in. Worrall had a card for Bunting to sign for, "Spadge," who I guess is some sort of staff nickname for Sparrow. Birke came in and then went around trying to steal equipment who he said was better than the Physics Department's - but ironically Physics wouldn't give her any equipment so she had to go begging for equipment.

Geography was beginning a new topic, which happens to be tourism. It was a poor lesson (which is unusual) mainly because we had to do an exercise on something which was blatantly wrong. I'm sorry but 27,000 people do not come to visit the UK every year. Every time I go to London there is nothing but tourists!!! Drama was spent running through the script sorting out the technical bits. At lunch there was the fabled Girl Gladiator which to my surprise I can sum up in one word: violent. I didn't go to PSE because I had to make the disc for the Film Comp 2moz. Up to this point there is actually nothing to show anyone. Bio was doing an experiment, setting fire to food and then trying to heat water. It was actually 'fun' doing this. I know, how can I be talking about fun in Biology...


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