29 March 2006

Random Dice Rolling.

Geo was awful. We had a test on earthquakes and volcanoes, which on the face of it doesn't seem that bad. However I didn't actually know most of the stuff that we were being asked as I hadn't revised at all. We were told that we might have a test, but I never got round to revising. Physics was a bit of a joke. No one was paying attention although at the end we did get to do an experiment. I thought that the experiment might have some relevance to radiation, but it didn't. All we did was roll dice (which had one side painted black) and then take note of which side they landed on. WTF? This has no obvious relevance to Physics at all!!!

English was doing the dreaded FFMC timed essay. We had some weird cover man (who slightly resembled Mr Crook (ah, the beloved Dr Crow...)) who didn't seem to have control of the class. He left to find the cover work and all hell broke loose. He did eventually return with the cover work, which in theory we actually had on us (these gold/yellow booklets). I found it much easier than I thought I would which was slightly worrying/good. Maths was marking the h/w and beginning a paper. Drama was spent in the Drama Office converting the films for the Film Comp into a usable format, although this eventually failed. I wouldn't have got anything done next door anyway, Tom's still in Sicily...


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